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Communicating Across Cultures and Mind Your Thoughts -
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Communicating Across Cultures and Mind Your Thoughts

The most recent developments in the science of neurology, mind and emotions and the emergent body of knowledge called “Emotional Intelligence” has a great deal to offer to service providers who are confronted with clients from an impressive and diverse range of cultures and religions. With the application of Emotional Intelligence and Neuroplasticity, the Communicating Across Cultures Course will provide you with cutting edge information and practical tools for overcoming all communication barriers.

This session will empower you to take the stress out of communication. You will develop the ability to deal with unpredictable situations involving different cultures, religions and beliefs.

Your mind is an automatic information processing and regulating machine. The Mind Your Thoughts session will provide you with the tools you need to switch off your mind’s emotional chain reactions and automatic responses, including: refocusing the mind on pleasant thoughts after the intense pressure of dealing with emotionally charged situations; have power over your involuntary thoughts; become calm and prepare for sleep; block day-time traumas from reengaging the mind and emotions later; enhance natural breathing to relax your mind; gain hope and optimism in hopeless situations; subdue unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

Cost is $90 per session or $150 for both sessions. To book your tickets email


Oct 12 2018


09:00 - 17:00




Queensland Multicultural Centre
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

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