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Hiding Behind -
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Hiding Behind


Hiding Behind is an absurd comedy about a young playwright presenting his debut play to a neurotic artistic director of a repertory theatre with a hamlet fixation. It was created with the intention of exploring and breaking different forms of theatre. It explores arbitrary authority and the loss in the meaning of words as a continuity to the human condition and the lack of existential purpose in life. Both funny and cruel it takes you on a journey of insane revelations that blur the lines between theatre and reality.

One of the questions explored in this piece is how a young intelligent human being can become tiny scared and dependent.
Even though this play exists in the world of theatre, it reflects on a universal power balance that exists in every field. It’s a Humane, heart-warming, funny and cruel journey.

Dreaming Child Productions is a new production company dedicated to search and find a new form of creating and doing theatre by exploring the complexity of life and its meaninglessness.

The company was founded by Adam Kay.
“Living in the 21st-century, we are constantly bombarded with entertainment, content, and stimulus. We hold the power to be entertained in the palm of our hand, which raised a question that I’ve been battling with in the past three years: why someone would take the time and effort to leave the comfort of home, dress up and pay for a ticket to see a theatre show? I believe that theatre needs to offer a different and deeper psychological experience that is impossible to get when watching/experiencing any other art form. I will describe my practice as an experimental search for the new contemporary. On that quest for the new form, I created Hiding Behind.”


Show contains strong language.

Patrons must be 15 year +


Jun 22 2022


07:00 PM - 08:15 PM




Queensland Multicultural Centre
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

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