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Infinity Kathak Dance Company presents Kathak - An Exploration of Time, Space and Energy -
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Infinity Kathak Dance Company presents Kathak – An Exploration of Time, Space and Energy


Kathak – An Exploration of Time Space and Energy

It is with great pleasure that Infinity Kathak Dance Company welcome’s Prerana Deshpande, Internationally acclaimed Kathak Danseuse to Brisbane. She will be performing with her Disciple Dr Helena Joshi (Director of Infinity Kathak) in Brisbane on the 4th of Nov 2017 with live musical accompaniment by local professional musicians:

Tabla: Shen Flindell
Viola: Richard Grantham
Flute: Darshil Shah
Sitar: Sudha Manian
Vocal: Dr Mansey Kinarivala

Kathak Dancers:
Prerana Deshpande
Dr Helena Joshi

“Was Ms. Deshpande the mistress of her dance or its servant?.. Both.”
“ At times you felt her surrendering to its impulse as she allowed her torso to sway gorgeously; at times you felt the brilliance of her control as she changed an already elaborate rhythm with her feet. The rhythmic complexity and the intricate physical coordination of her solo proved astonishing.” – Alastair Macaulay, Dance Critic, The New York Times

About Prerana Deshpande:

Acknowledged by connoisseurs as a solo dancer of repute and a creative choreographer of rare calibre, Prerana Deshpande is among the leading complete solo Kathak dancers of her generation. Internationally acclaimed as a creative dancer whose work reveals the perpetually expanding horizons of the traditional form, Prerana is regarded for her exquisite command over the fundamentals of Kathak – Rhythm, Grace, & Expression and for her creativity rooted in the tradition of this dance form. Greatly appreciated by all audiences for her expertise in Kathak, she is regularly invited to perform as a solo artist at all major venues and festivals in India and abroad.

Recipient of numerous awards, Prerana has been felicitated by legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj with ‘Gaurav Puruskar’. Prerana has also been honoured with the title of ‘Nrityashri’ and was conferred the title of ‘Singar Mani’ by the Sur Singar Samsad of Mumbai.

Prerana believes it to be divine blessing that the great maestro, Guru Dr. Rohini Bhate accepted her as a disciple and thought fit to impart one-to-one teaching of Kathak. Prerana is a first student of Rohiniji who passed Master of Arts (M.A.) form University of Poona and stood first in the Dance. She was awarded National Scholarship by Government of India for two years for special training under Guru Rohiniji. In her own words, “In my studentship with Rohiniji of over 22 years, I had the good fortune not only to learn under her special guidance but observe and be a part of her creativity. I was greatly influenced both intellectually and emotionally by the genius of Rohiniji. I am proud to say that my dance is greatly influenced by Rohiniji both in style and substance. The most important learning for me from Rohiniji was that Kathak was a way of life to be lived respecting tradition and innovating at the same time. Prerana encourages and promotes Kathak as a traditional, pure, solo art form.

Prerana encourages and promotes Kathak as a traditional, pure, solo art form. Infinity Kathak will also be having masterclasses for dancers on the 28th/29th Oct and 5/11th Nov. Please visit for more information.

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Nov 04 2017


07:30 PM


Queensland Multicultural Centre
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

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