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Screening of Sea Shepherd's first-ever feature film 'Defend, Conserve, Protect' -
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Screening of Sea Shepherd’s first-ever feature film ‘Defend, Conserve, Protect’

This year’s Ocean Defence Tour will see Sea Shepherd’s first-ever feature film ‘Defend, Conserve, Protect’ screened across Australia!
The most critical time in human history is now!
We are at war with each other trying to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet or consume them at a greater rate than is sustainable.

Set far from the eyes of the world in the most inhospitable environment on the planet, two opposing views fight for control. Neither is willing to back down.
On one side, the so-called Japanese research fleet is openly commercially harvesting thousands of whales in the only international whale sanctuary in the world.
On the other, the Sea Shepherd, a volunteer guerrilla navy funded by the citizens of the world. !

Captain Peter Hammarstedt & our Managing Director Jeff Hansen Page will be delivering talks after the screening.
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Sep 08 2018


11:00 AM - 09:00 PM




Queensland Multicultural Centre
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd

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